School Consultation Services

The Boston Child Study Center (BCSC) partners with schools to provide consultation, training, and direct intervention with both students and educators to effectively remove barriers to academic success. BCSC provides a unique perspective on how schools can best educate learners with complex needs, integrating the expertise of clinical psychologists, mental health providers, board-certified behavior analysts, and learning specialists.

School Consultation Services at BCSC help schools meet the needs of learners with complex learning and mental health based challenges. Whether it be an individual student needing focused intervention or a school taking the initiative to prevent emotional or behavioral issues arising, BCSC’s school clinical services team provides support tailored to meet a range of needs.

Our Services

BCSC works with public, private, and therapeutic schools, as well as hospitals and community organizations across Massachusetts. BCSC is dedicated to improving the lives of children, adolescents, young adults, and families from diverse backgrounds through innovative, evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Treatments.

Using these evidence-based interventions, BCSC clinicians partner with schools in the application of these skills in the school setting. The goal of BCSC’s School Consultation Services is to help empower school staff to manage and promote positive mental health in children and adolescents. BCSC is committed to incorporating principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in its practice and application of services in schools.

The following services are offered by BCSC, in person and virtually:

  1. Trainings, Workshops and Professional Development
  2. Consultation Services
  3. Program Development
  4. Assessment

BCSC’s school consultation services are overseen by Dr. Corrine Mahoney. For more information, contact Dr. Mahoney at