DEAI Commitment

At the Boston Child Study Center (BCSC), we respect diverse identities and principles of equity and social justice. Our staff absolutely condemns racism, violence, bigotry and complacency. We are committed to anti-racist practices, policies, and personal choices. At BCSC, we are working diligently as individuals, as clinicians and as a center, to provide culturally-sensitive treatment through an intersectional lens to people with backgrounds of ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic diversity.

BCSC is committed to increasing equity in mental health treatment, training and research. We will work diligently to continue learning and standing with BIPOC. At BCSC, we recognize our own fallibility and privilege and we welcome feedback from the community as we continue to grow and learn. We recognize that being an anti-racist institution requires continuous work, dialogue, action, and education.

We are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment for all we serve and to building a deep sense of belonging for all who work at BCSC. Our clinicians work on collaborative teams to provide integrated, holistic, culturally-sensitive evidence-based treatment to our patients. BCSC clinicians are committed to principles of social justice and actively seek out opportunities for community engagement. We are committed to expanding access to evidence-based mental health services for all who need them. Through our BCSC Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, we are committed to making our services accessible to marginalized and underserved populations.

While BIPOC comprise approximately 43% of the US population, 84% of mental health professionals in the US are white. BCSC is committed to changing this reality. The BCSC Foundation will be offering academic funding and scholarships to BIPOC pursuing graduate degrees in psychology and mental health starting this Winter. More details will be posted on our website in the near future.