Training, Workshops, and Professional Development

Boston Child Study Center offers hourly, half and full-day trainings in an array of topics. The goals of these trainings are:

  • To reduce stigma around mental health concerns
  • To disseminate research based information and proven interventions
  • To increase individuals’ awareness of and comfort with managing mental health concerns
  • To increase individuals’ ability to promote positive well-being in children and adolescents

Training may be modified to be appropriate for a target audience of educators, administrators, students or parents.

Professional Development/Workshops

Examples include:

  • Understanding School Avoidance and Creating a Collaborative Approach to Re-entry
  • Selective Mutism & Social Anxiety in the School Setting
  • Applying DBT skills in Schools – Interpersonal effectiveness, Addressing Self-harm
  • Trauma-Informed Practices in the Classroom
  • Deescalation and Crisis Management
  • Emotion-Focused Executive Functioning Support
  • Teacher-Child Interaction Training for Emotion Regulation (TCIT-ER)
  • Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE)

Training and Coaching School Staff

Coaching staff on emotion-focused behavioral strategies from a variety of evidence-based interventions (e.g. CBT, DBT, TCIT) to support student success (e.g. decrease anxiety, increase speech, increase school attendance).

Team Dynamics

Being a resource for staff and teachers to help improve staff capacity and well-being.