Case Consultation

For staff working with students who are having a difficult time engaging in school, having the support of a licensed mental health clinician by their side can be a helpful source of validation and expertise.

BCSC clinicians are skilled in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities across a range of mental health disorders, and can partner with schools on the assessment, conceptualization and treatment strategies for children and adolescents.

Consultation services are flexible to meet the needs of the school, and can either be case specific or more general and ongoing.

  • Individual case consultation — BCSC clinicians can offer support for an identified student on a case by case basis. Schools with a case for which they would like support can reach out to clinicians with expertise in this area of mental health (e.g. selective mutism, self-harm, school avoidance).
  • Ongoing Consultation — Schools can partner with a BCSC clinician who attends regular school support team meetings to help address questions related to mental health concerns with students, as they arise. This support can be in the form of weekly or bi-weekly presence in student support team meetings, providing guidance with identified students or general types of cases (e.g. how to support students with perfectionism, how to address student crises, how to manage students during unstructured times).

Related services include:

  • Case conceptualization, formulation and behavior planning: Reviewing case materials, previous assessments, reports, plans and offering recommendations on strategies for students.
  • Specialized training for school staff: Working with school staff to build students’ emotion regulation skills, implement behavioral techniques, or generalize work from therapy to school.
  • Skills coaching: Live coaching with non-evaluative, non-judgmental feedback to help staff learn specific skills to improve their effectiveness and confidence in working with all students.