By Mina Yadegar, Psy.D.and Joshua Masse, Ph.D.

If you are uncertain or nervous about talking about COVID-19 to your children, you are not alone. Many parents are feeling understandably anxious and unsure as well.  First, know that your child has probably heard about coronavirus; they are overhearing adult conversations, other children are talking about it, and schools have likely addressed it.  In addition, when children are not informed, they often imagine the worst case scenarios.  Thus, having an open conversation about COVID-19 allows them to have factual information, and for you, the opportunity to focus on what information would be most helpful for them.

We all have waves of anxiety during this time.  Children absorb anxiety and fear from their caregivers, and depend on the adults around them to assess the severity of a situation.  Try to talk to your child about COVID-19 when you feel calm and you can give your child your full attention.

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