Consultation and Training

BCSC offers year-long training opportunities at the pre- and post-doctoral level. Our mission is to provide high-quality training and supervision in the delivery of evidence-based treatments and assessment for youth anxiety, mood, and neurodevelopmental issues. Many training programs offer specific training in a single evidence-based therapy modality (i.e. CBT, DBT, PCIT, etc). BCSC allows for intensive training in multiple modalities, as the individuals we serve frequently suffer from multiple comorbidities. In these cases, a single approach may struggle to adequately address the underlying problem, as they often require a more granular understanding of both the individual served and the needed mechanisms of change. BCSC strives to help clinicians build the skills necessary to address these complex challenges.

Similarly, we offer evidence-based neuropsychological training with a focus on individuals who suffer from the intersection of neurodevelopmental disorders and severe social-emotional struggles. Neuropsychological assessment can inform how one helps an individual access evidence-based treatment, remediating skill deficits that may have prevented to individual from benefiting from treatment thus far. A major goal of this training is to help the trainee assess the impact of emotions on a neuropsychological profile.

General training goals include the development of competencies in assessment, diagnosis, clinical intervention, and supervision, as well as ethical, legal, and professional issues. Graduates of our training program have skills not only in evidence-based practices, but in their application to real-life challenges.

In addition, there are opportunities for current undergraduate students and post-baccalaureates to get involved at BCSC.

Finally, BCSC offers the following professional consultations and trainings for mental health professionals and school personnel: