Get Heard! Groups for Selective Mutism

Boston Child Study Center’s “Get Heard!” is a group treatment program series created for children and adolescents with selective mutism and social anxiety. Get Heard! uses an evidence-based exposure therapy model, which has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of selective mutism and social anxiety. Get Heard! events are 3-hour standalone groups that occur roughly 4 times throughout the year.

During Get Heard! events, group participants practice speaking to new people and in new places while engaging in seasonal play-based activities. Participants are matched with a bravery coach who supports each individual’s brave talking and brave behavior goals. Youth aged 3-17 are encouraged to participate and are typically grouped by age. Get Heard! is not an intensive group treatment for selective mutism, but rather each event serves as an opportunity to achieve a difficult brave talking goal in a supportive setting or as a bravery practice refresher for individuals who are further along in or have graduated from treatment.

Individuals are eligible to participate if they are currently in behavioral treatment and/or have had prior experience with the exposure therapy model. Groups are typically held on a Saturday morning from 10am-1pm, once every 3 months. For more information or for group dates, please contact Dr. Kaitlyn Wilbur-Smith at