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Dr. Sara Kaplan-Levy

Dr. Sara Kaplan-Levy

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kaplan-Levy is an intensively trained cognitive behavior therapist at the Boston Child Study Center, where she provides evidenced-based cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for youth and families with anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mood and depressive disorders, as well as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for children struggling with anxiety, disruptive behaviors and attention disorders.

Dr. Kaplan-Levy graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Math. She received a Master of Arts in Psychology in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and then stayed in New York City to work as a research coordinator in the New York University Child Study Center’s Institute for Prevention Science. Dr. Kaplan-Levy assisted with a federally- and state-funded study of a family-centered, school-based preventive intervention focused on fostering healthy development among young children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Dr. Kaplan-Levy earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. During this time, Dr. Kaplan-Levy received specialized training in psychological assessment at the Cambridge Health Alliance Child Assessment Unit; exposure and response prevention (ExRP) at the McLean Anxiety Mastery Intensive Outpatient Program (MAMP); and comprehensive cognitive behavioral therapy for youth with anxiety and depressive disorders at the Center for Effective Child Therapy at the Judge Baker Children’s Center.

Dr. Kaplan-Levy completed her pre-doctoral internship at Andrus Children’s Center in Yonkers, New York. During internship, Dr. Kaplan-Levy provided individual, group, and family therapy and conducted neuropsychological assessments in a community mental health setting. Dr. Kaplan-Levy completed her post-doctoral fellowship at McLean Hospital’s Adolescent Acute Residential Treatment (ART) program, where she provided treatment to adolescents within an acute treatment setting.