PCIT–Toddler is an adaptation extension of PCIT for children ages 12-36 months. PCIT–Toddler is an evidence-based program for addressing and preventing behavior problems affecting a young toddler’s development. It focuses on various areas of social and emotional development, including emotion regulation, behavior management, teaching listening skills, and promoting language development. PCIT–Toddler is helpful for toddlers displaying any of the following concerns:

  • Tantrums
  • Aggression (hitting, biting, pinching)
  • Fussiness (screaming, whining, crying)
  • Attachment difficulties (rejection of parent, difficult to comfort)
  • Separation anxiety from parent
  • Withdrawal from a parent
  • Developmental concerns (such as symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, delayed language skills)
  • Parental stress (anxiety, dissatisfaction, difficulty coping, lack of confidence)
  • History of child abuse or neglect

Even for children who show some challenging behavior that is developmentally appropriate, PCIT–Toddler can help caregivers to develop stronger skills in supporting their child to regulate their emotions and behaviors, thereby preventing problems in the future.  As is the case in traditional PCIT, parents participate together with children in therapy sessions and receive live coaching from a clinician to implement skills they are learning to promote positive behaviors.

We are offering this service both via telehealth and in person at our Natick office. To schedule an intake, contact us at info@bostonchildstudycenter.com or 857-400-9211.