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Alexis A. Reid, M.A.

Alexis Reid


Alexis Reid is Director of Learning-Based Therapies at BCSC. Alexis is responsible for delivering services that focus on the development of executive functioning, educational, and learning-based skills via individual coaching and group-based formats. Additionally, Alexis provides consultation, workshops, and trainings for parents and educators to support individualized learning needs at home and in the classroom.

As a learning-based therapist and educator for more than a decade, Alexis fosters skill development, closes academic gaps, integrates mindfulness practices to enhance learning, and works to meet the academic and social emotional needs of all learners in a dedicated, supportive, and personable manner. Alexis’ approach is geared toward equipping learners with skills required to be purposeful, resourceful, goal-directed, self-regulated, knowledgeable, and engaged learners who know how to advocate for their needs across contexts.

Alexis earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD and a Master of Arts from Boston College in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology. Alexis has extensive experience through research and practice in developmental psychology, creating access to learning through Universal Design for Learning (UDL), executive functioning, developmental disabilities, positive youth development, and mentoring.