Initial Intake/Diagnostic Assessment

Effective treatment begins with effective assessment. We conduct comprehensive diagnostic assessments to ensure that the optimal treatment program is prescribed for your individual and family needs. Taking steps to solve a problem before understanding its cause is not only ineffective but often makes matters worse and can leave you and your child feeling increasingly defeated and hopeless.

Our directors, Dr. Lambright and Dr. Madigan, meet with every individual and family to identify the possible cause of the problems you’re struggling with and subsequently assign a comprehensive treatment team and prescribe a treatment plan to help you and your child reach your goals. Diagnostic assessments consist of structured and semi-structured diagnostic interviews, functional analyses, school observation, self- parent- and teacher-report measures, and neuropsychological assessment of neurological functioning such as strengths and deficits in attention, language, visual-spatial skills, learning styles, memory, etc. The assessment process continues throughout the treatment process to ensure optimal progress is attained through symptom monitoring and follow-up assessment and testing.